Who manufactures our cultural landscape?

Examining identity and appropriation in the American Roadside

Where does nostalgia end and acknowledgement of cultural appropration begin?

Some of our roadside attractions spark joy for the travelling public, but serve as a painful diminishment of identity for others. Three artists tackle this topic during Travel and Tourism week 2023 in a pop-up show at one iconic site.

TEEPEE JUNCTION * Lawrence Kansas * US 40/US 24 intersection


* May 9, 2023 * Noon – 8 p.m.*

* May 10, 2023 * Noon – 8 p.m.


Erika Nelson, Lucas KS

Mona Cliff, Lawrence KS

Armando Minjarez, Wichita KS

roadside attractions

Hillbilly Halfwit, Lake of the Ozarks MO

TeePee Junction, Old Hwy 40, Lawrence KS

La Salsa Man, Dodge City KS

Image Credit: John Margolies, Library of Congress

Whose roadside attractions are these?

How would they be different if built by someone else, for someone else?